Visualizations Miśkiewicz Design

A very important stage in the process of interior design is the creation of photo-realistic visualisations. They are created on the basis of the stylistic stage, during which we hold creative conversations with our clients, fill in a cognitive questionnaire together, and prepare moodboards. 

Visualisations are the final stage of the constructive and creative process. This is the final “picture” of our clients’ interiors, which we prepare in the form of realistic visualisations of all rooms. This is the moment when the clients can see with their own eyes what their interior will look like. Interior design cannot exist without visualisation. This is an essential element of the design process. 

  • Classic style
  • Italian style
  • Eclectic style
  • Hotel in Szczecin
  • Hotel in Toruń
  • Glamour style
  • Modern style house
  • Modern style classis
  • Boho developer style
  • Japandi style flat
  • Colourful eclecticism style house
  • Golden modern classic
  • Modern style
  • Modern style house
  • White modern style
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