Miśkiewicz Design

About me

I have always been interested in the aesthetics and arrangement of space, drawing countless inspirations from everyday life, travel and observation. My passion for beautiful things developed along with the frequent changes of the environment I lived in, including Africa and Australia. Sensitivity to beauty and form combined with wide experience resulted in the ability to create eclectic designs, on the one hand rich in details, and at the same time practical in everyday life. 

I am convinced that my life is an uninterrupted sequence of new ideas and challenges. They drive my world, make it more colourful and allow me to constantly discover myself. They usually appear spontaneously and unexpectedly. Then it’s time for reflection and analysis. Finally, inspired by everything that seems important to me, I get down to work. I never doubt whether what I do makes sense. I listen to my intuition and imagination. Above all – I trust myself. 

Working for several years as an interior designer, I have distanced myself from what I do and how I do it. It is this wonderful moment when I feel that what I create is beautiful and I know how to do it.. I am always open to new things, solutions, novelties, both in design and technology that progress brings. 

I know that the profession of an interior designer can never stop – it is a cognitive, self-development process, which also requires you to act with great humility. After all, what I do, I do primarily for you. I have to take into consideration your preferences, tastes, habits, but also dreams, needs and longings. This is the base on which I can slowly start putting my perspective, experience and knowledge. You are those with whom I build an interior, the final stage of which is to make you struck dumb with astonishment and delight. Then I know that what we have done together is what I always dream about from the very beginning. Just a beautiful interior. 

The power of the team

Biuro Projektowe Miśkiewicz Design [Design Office] is a team of talented, ambitious and experienced Women – Architects who, with full commitment, work on designs, fulfilling your dreams. Thanks to them, many beautiful designs of Miśkiewicz Design have been created.

We do what we are best at. We create interiors with passion, and our knowledge is supported by many years of experience. We are lovers of interior design and the best design. We take care of every detail, turning interiors into pearls of interior design. We are not afraid of challenges, variety of styles, combining colours and trends. Thanks to the experience we have, we create individual interior arrangements, guaranteeing comprehensive service and a professional approach.

The main goal of Miśkiewicz Design is to create both beautiful and functional interiors. In our work, we focus on creativity, taking care of the individual needs of our clients. We do our best to ensure that each design of Miśkiewicz Design is unique and reflects the visions and expectations of investors. We pay attention to small details that constitute the essence of the design, creating unique and unrepeatable interiors of flats, houses, apartments, offices, and hotels. Thanks to our knowledge and developed professional customer service standards, we are able to meet the highest requirements, guaranteeing an individual approach and comprehensive service.

Our Team

Bożena Mata

Marta Janik

Kamila Kostera

Julia Kilczewska

Oksana Holban

Beata Moszczyńska

Katarzyna Gawor (Wroclaw)

Marcin Gild

Katarzyna Świeca

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